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Welcome to LarossaCARS, your ultimate destination for luxury car hire services. We offer an exceptional fleet of supercars, including the Audi RS6, Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG, and Mclaren Senna. Our collection of vehicles is carefully selected to cater to the discerning needs of our clients who seek a seamless and unforgettable driving experience.

The Range Rover stands as an icon of luxury and capability in the automotive world, epitomizing British craftsmanship and engineering excellence. Renowned for its commanding presence on and off the road, this premium SUV effortlessly blends sophistication with ruggedness. With its distinctive silhouette and signature floating roof, the Range Rover exudes elegance from every angle. Step inside, and you're greeted by a meticulously crafted interior adorned with the finest materials and cutting-edge technology, offering unparalleled comfort and refinement. Whether traversing city streets or tackling challenging terrain, the Range Rover's advanced four-wheel-drive system and adaptive suspension ensure a smooth and composed ride, while its array of intelligent driving aids provides confidence-inspiring performance in any situation.

The interior is equally impressive, with premium materials and advanced technology that provide a comfortable and luxurious driving experience. The seats are supportive and comfortable, with ample legroom and headroom for even the tallest drivers.From its powerful engine options to its peerless off-road prowess, the Range Rover sets the standard for luxury SUVs, delivering an unmatched driving experience that transcends boundaries.

Range Rover Sport Urban SVR

Range Rover Sport Urban SVR

  • Auto
  • 5
  • 4
  • 5.0L
    • 27 yrs minimum driver age
    • License held for minimum 3 years
    • 100 free miles (£3.00 per extra mile)

    from (vat.inc) £750


    The Range Rover's legacy extends beyond mere transportation; it's a symbol of status and adventure, catering to those who demand the utmost in both refinement and capability. With its rich heritage dating back to 1970, each iteration of the Range Rover has pushed the boundaries of innovation, setting benchmarks for the luxury SUV segment.

    Whether cruising along the open highway or forging a path through rugged landscapes, the Range Rover remains unrivaled in its ability to effortlessly blend opulence with ruggedness. Its versatile nature caters to diverse lifestyles, offering spaciousness for urban commutes, yet remaining equally adept at tackling off-road challenges with its legendary Terrain Response system.

    As a true icon of automotive excellence, the Range Rover continues to captivate enthusiasts worldwide, embodying a timeless allure that transcends generations.